Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over your soul. Get yourselves immersed in some of the most blissful music ever created. Let your soothing voice shine through the crowd and the acoustic harmony resonate through you. It is time to come up on the stage and express the inexpressible through music. This summer, get yourselves Unplugged at Hestia'19.

Rules and Regulations:

  • A minimum of two instruments should be played.
  • Time: 12 mins (+ 5mins for setup)
  • A 5 piece standard drum kit will be provided.
  • Members of the team should be either professional or arts college students.
  • Cross-college teams are allowed.
  • The guitar should be played with a clean tone. And for keyboard, only piano and pad patches should be used.
  • Pre-recorded music is not permitted.
  • A Participant cannot be part of two teams.
  • Own composition has plus points.
  • Judges decision will be final.

Prizes Worth : 25K

Registration Fee: ₹800 per team


Starts on 31-Mar 10:00 AM