Isn’t it high time that we think of some panacea to bring back the pristinity of nature? Let's look into ways that bring about Sustainability. Hestia '19 provides you with the opportunity to find paper as a remedy to tackle the issues of the environment.

Papertube Workshop paves the way to use paper as a building material and focuses on various design possibilities from scraps of paper. Workshop includes prototyping with live installation within the campus and form-finding by physical modelling. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. So, grab your opportunity to find the new dimensions of sustainable building practices.

Tutor details: Ar.Sharan Krishnan, Ar. Aleena Xavier and Ar. Kalyani.

Registration Fee: ₹50 per head


Starts on 29-Mar 09:00 AM


Registration Closed