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In India, students are a victim of various myths and one of the popular ones is ‘You have to learn C, C++ and Java respectively in order to be a programmer.’ This Letspy Bootcamp introduces them to a powerful language that doesn't need any prerequisite knowledge.. Python

People are less aware of contributing to open source, how communities work and how they can get involved. Students invests 40-50K INR and around 6 months in average to learn a programming language

Present yourself with the opportunity of attending the two day long LetsPy Workshop
conducted in accordance with Hestia 2019!

Students will be provided with:

  1. Attendee kit
  2. T-shirt
  3. Brunch
  4. Software
  5. PPT's and jupyter notebooks
  6. Swags from Mozilla and GitHub

Registration Fee: ₹1000 per head


Day 1: 29-Mar 09:30 AM to 03:30 PM
Day 2: 30-Mar 09:30 AM to 03:30 PM


Registration Closed