With questions and riddles yet to be untangled by the masterminds, Hestia ‘19, the Techno-Cultural fest of TKM College of Engineering brings to you Incognito- the online treasure hunt competition.


Live Updates on :

Instagram :

Facebook :

The event kick-starts at 9 PM on the 13th of March.

Remember, when all seems lost, hope still remains!

The Rules :

  • This is an individual's game. Play it that way.
  • Login using your Facebook ID to play. However, you may claim the prize only if you're a school/college student with a valid ID card.
  • There will be separate tables for 'Home' & 'Away' hunters.
  • No spoilers please! Don't get yourself banned. Same goes for hackers.
  • You may answer only in lowercase letters without spaces. No other special characters are to be used.
  • Mention full names for anything you enter.
  • You can find the hints for some levels in page source, file download, URL, cookies, Hestia’19 website, Incognito facebook page, Instagram page, image names etc.
  • You will complete a phase by making it through the 20 levels. There will be a total of 2 phases, spanning a week each.
  • Google is your only friend.
  • Prizes will be awarded for each phase separately.
  • The admin has the “All Seeing Eye” in his backyard, so cheaters beware!

Prizes Worth : 15K

Registration Fee: Free