Pull up a sombrero, nutmeg your opponent and showcase your dribbling skills in the ultimate battle of footballing titans.

TYPE: Individual

Rules and Regulations:

  • It is a multiple round knockout event (1 VS 1).
  • The first round will be played by all the registered users.
  • The winner of every round progresses to the next knockout round.
  • Opponents will be chosen randomly.
  • At any point in the tournament the organizer/coordinator has the right to dismiss the match and disqualify a player in case of foul play.
  • A match will last for 10 minutes (Half-time: 5 mins) for all the knockout rounds, except the SEMI- FINALS and FINALS where the match length will be 12 minutes (Half-time: 6 mins).
  • The GAME DIFFICULTY and the GOAL KEEPER level will be set to 'World Class' for the whole of the tournament.
  • If the winner is not decided in normal time (10 min for initial rounds and 12 min in case of semi's and finals), then extra half of play time will decide the winner, if there is a draw, the golden rule will be applied wherein the first participant to score wins the tie.
  • Participants will be given 4 minutes before every match to configure their controls according to their needs.
  •  Participants who do not arrive in time will be disqualified for the next round.

Prizes Worth : 5K

Registration Fee: ₹100 per head


Registration Closed