From the advent of this century, we humans have bore witness to the rise of intelligent machines. Artificial Intelligence has touched every aspect of human life from intelligent conversational interfaces that mimic human speech to diagnosis of diseases that threaten human lives.

In Epoch, the challenge is to utilize the power of AI to solve a socially relevant problem. The competition will be held online with a duration of two days. The problem statement and associated dataset will be provided at the beginning of the competition. Contest URL and Slack group invite link will be provided to the participants through Email .The contest URL will be sent only on the day of the competition. Participants may use any tool of their choice to solve the problem in the best way possible.


  • Particiants are allowed to form teams and each team can have a maximum of 2 members. Each participant can join only one team and each team will have a single account.
  • Plagarism won’t be tolerated. If caught, will amount to disqualification of the team.
  • Any model, any tool can be used to solve the problem.
  • Evaluation metric is Accuracy Score.
  • Uploading code along with solution is compulsory.
  • Slack Group will be created for discussions. Sharing of code among participants is prohibited in the group or elsewhere.
  • Participants must share links of external datasets (if used) for the contest in the Slack group mentioned above.
  • A team can make a maximum of 20 Submissions per Day
  • A team can select only 1 final submission for judging.

Prizes Worth : 10K

Registration Fee: ₹100 per team


23-Mar 12:00 AM to 26-Mar 11:59 PM